[SATLUG] LAMP Server Question #1

Samuel Smith satlug at net153.net
Wed Oct 8 08:33:42 CDT 2014

I have been using debian stable on many machines since 2006. Never had 
an issue that wasn't a simple fix. You can easily do a minimum net 
install which will result in your root partition only using about 1GB of 
space. From there you can install just the packages you need and nothing 

I never liked Ubuntu. At least in the 2007-2010 era when I had to 
support a few machines running it, I never once had a successful upgrade 
to the next version. This was never a case with any version of debian.

As far as the redhat derivatives (fedora,centos), I can't stand yum. It 
is 10x slower than aptitude or apt-get. I never could get passed that...

Centos does have the one up on long term support. If you just want to 
install something and put it in a closet for the next 5 years then 
centos might be the way to go... Of course if you do indeed need to do 
any development 3 years later, all your languages and libraries will be 
horribly out of date and you'll be forced into upgrading anyway just so 
you can get your new code to run.

So, debian it is :)


On 10/07/2014 10:35 PM, Alan Lesmerises wrote:
> I am working on a project that involves setting up a server for a
> customer where they will need to access a database on an on-going basis
> for various kinds of record-keeping, etc.  I have come to the conclusion
> that a LAMP server will be the best solution for them (I won't bore you
> with all the reasons why, but let's assume that is the way I will go).
> This will be the first time I will undertake a project quite like this,
> so I have a few specific questions where I would like some opinions,
> especially the professionals out there who may have done jobs similar to
> this for paying customers.
> Since the questions deal with different topics, I will send them out
> separately so as not to muddy the waters by mixing things together.
> -->  QUESTION #1:
> So the first, and most important, question is which distribution would
> you recommend, and why?  I already have an idea of which way to go, but
> one or more of you might have a better suggestion.
> Al Lesmerises

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