[SATLUG] LAMP Server Question #4

Don Wright wmail at dslextreme.com
Thu Oct 9 10:46:27 CDT 2014

Guy Heckman wrote:
>I would stay away from any WYSIWYG web design package and I would argue that Dreamweaver is most definitely NOT the industry standard that  professional web developers use. Professionals use the text editor of their choice combined with a standards-based browser

Yep. At one Microsoft product introduction I attended (some years back),
the favorite web development tool mentioned by attendees was "Visual
Notepad." That was when MS was putting 'Visual' in front of everything,
and the professionals in the audience reminded the MS rep how well
marketing-speak worked against people in the business.

That said, a good web page development tool should help keep track of
the details, such as closing tags in the right order, and make working
with dynamic pages somewhat easier. On the gripping hand, typing each
tag yourself can make for smaller, tighter code if you avoid the copy &
paste/paste/paste trap. (Repeating an almost standard solution in
multiple places with slight tweaks so it "looks right" == maintenance
hell.)  --Don

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