[SATLUG] Okay...weird issue

John Champion satlugacct at jchampion.com
Fri Oct 10 11:45:40 CDT 2014

You guys tell me if you've ever seen this behavior.

Mint/XUbuntu being run in Virtualbox and VMWare (seperate installs and
separate machines) both behave the same way after not being turned off
and on but simply put in pause multiple times...

Commands vanish and I'm not talking about /sbin or /etc/init.d stuff
but rather simple things like cp, mv, and a couple of others refuse to
work (get the command not found error in both hypervisor types).

Has anyone else ever noticed this type of behavior? Should I report this "bug"?

Also if any of you Linux profs have textbook recommendations, I am all
ears. I'm looking to replace the Sobell Linux Practical Guide to Linux
Commands, Editors, and Shell programming.

It is for an introductory Linux course and a gateway to a Linux
networking course (which is the Linux version of a Windows
Client/Server type of course).


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