[SATLUG] Okay...weird issue

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Fri Oct 10 13:04:35 CDT 2014

John Champion wrote:
> You guys tell me if you've ever seen this behavior.
> Mint/XUbuntu being run in Virtualbox and VMWare (seperate installs and
> separate machines) both behave the same way after not being turned off
> and on but simply put in pause multiple times...
> Commands vanish and I'm not talking about /sbin or /etc/init.d stuff
> but rather simple things like cp, mv, and a couple of others refuse to
> work (get the command not found error in both hypervisor types).
> Has anyone else ever noticed this type of behavior? Should I report this "bug"?
> Also if any of you Linux profs have textbook recommendations, I am all
> ears. I'm looking to replace the Sobell Linux Practical Guide to Linux
> Commands, Editors, and Shell programming.
> It is for an introductory Linux course and a gateway to a Linux
> networking course (which is the Linux version of a Windows
> Client/Server type of course).

For an intro to Linux, I use

LPIC-1 Linux Professionsal Institute Certification Study Guide, Third 
Edition by Roderick W. Smith, Sybex, ISBN 978-1-118-49563-6.

Slightly dated due to the changes in the last couple of years.  It was 
last updated in 2012 and published January 2013.

This may be a bit advanced for complete newbies though.  Our students at 
SAC have a basic intro to CIS before this course where they are exposed 
to both Windows and Linux, including the command line in each.

Our students have a several other Cisco classes available where they 
learn about networking.  I start bringing in network server applications 
in the 2nd Linux course and I base that on LFS/BLFS.

   -- Bruce

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