[SATLUG] Alternatives to Raspberry Pi

Craig sargonemail at gmail.com
Sat Sep 6 17:21:04 CDT 2014

On 09/06/2014 08:26:17 AM, Geoff wrote:
> My vote is for the Beagle Bone Black board. More attention was paid to
> the USB device drivers.
> -Geoff

Really depends on what the intended use is.

**For multi-tasking intensive stuff, such as robots doing visual
the Propeller board makes more sense (although for raw processing
power the Gizmo, Parallel or Jetson provide are nice at the cost of
extra wattage)

**For DIY take on google glass running on battery power, Intel's Edison
would seem to have the ideal size/power ratio (
Although, in keeping with "what's available now", Transcend Wifi SD
card is "it" at the moment.
As a "pocket computer" :
With openwrt : https://forum.openwrt.org/viewtopic.php?id=45820&p=1

**An AMD Gizmo's plugged into a 486DX pci slot would allow the 486
to be a quake server (just as long as the internet connection went
through the Gizmo first of course ;)


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