[SATLUG] Meeting this month may need new venue

Don Wright wmail at dslextreme.com
Wed Sep 10 22:38:21 CDT 2014

mike perez wrote:
>Yes please let us at 10bit know so we can make sure someone will be there
>to open up, unless Gnu Don (who has his own set of keys) is planning on
>playing host.

OK, lacking any other reasonable suggestions, and still being listed on
the SATLUG Board, I decree the September meeting moved to 10BitWorks,
1020 Roosevelt, Thursday night 11-Sep-2014 from 7-9pm. 

For those of you who haven't been there yet:
http://10bitworks.com  (seems down right now)
http://www.yelp.com/biz/10bitworks-hackerspace-san-antonio (map)
There's limited parking on McKinley, but that should be enough for the
turnout SATLUG has recently.

A hearty "Thank You Neighbor" to the 10BitWorks membership who are
hosting us on such short notice. (Be sure the tip jar is visible, guys.)

Another "Thank You Amigo" to Ben Temple and our other Rackers for
lowering the drawbridge to The Castle for us in previous months.
Rackspace is a great community asset and we wish them much success.

--Don Wright, Board member, SATLUG
(I am not the Don with the keys.)

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