[SATLUG] raspivid to apache

Joe null.div.zero at gmail.com
Sun Sep 21 22:58:35 CDT 2014

     I seem to have left my depth here:  I have a raspberry pi with the
camera attachment and Apache2 installed. The goal here is to drive the
raspberry pi by remote (over wifi)  via a web interface (all of this is
riding on a battery operated tank platform).  I'm controlling the motors by
keys a,w,s,d, and some bad python.  And, I can get the video on the local
machine by the command `raspivid -t 0` (a raspberry pi specific command to
just monitor the camera in it's native aspect ratio.  So, my question is:
How do I (or what do I have to learn in order to) use the controls and
monitor the camera via it's Apache web server?  I would like to add other
things as well (though I don' t know what. And, I considered a guacamole
server; but, I would like to set it up in adhoc and drive it anywhere
(perhaps by ipad/android device), so Apache seems like the way to go.

Thanks for the help!

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