[SATLUG] CUPS and page breaks

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Wed Sep 24 12:24:25 CDT 2014

Craig wrote:
> *Bruce Dubbs* bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
> <satlug%40satlug.org?Subject=%5BSATLUG%5D%20CUPS%20and%20page%20breaks&In-Reply-To=CAF04Mo9Qa%3Don8xQ71NsdbjnNGMAsaL5K5n1yzC3vs8GS4tgYkg%40mail.gmail.com>on
> *Wed Sep 24 11:06:32 CDT 2014 wrote:....*
> In either case, shouldn't filtering the file, either adding 1 after new
> line characters or deleting the 1 after a new line (as appropriate) fix the
> issue?
> ...
> Unless the its fortran code that's being printed.
> (columns 1-5 contain numeric line numbers)

But the file being printed should have added blanks at column 0 for the 
transfer to the line printer, except where a new page is really desired 
and then a 1 is inserted.

The program printing to the line printer should do that.  It's not 
dependent on the raw file.

   -- Bruce

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