[SATLUG] floppy issue

Craig sargonemail at gmail.com
Sun Apr 12 01:46:16 CDT 2015

Borries Demeler demeler at biochem.uthscsa.edu on Sat Apr 11 17:25:57 CDT
2015 wrote:
> Finally got back to this.
> Here is what I find:
> * I can boot an old dos/windows95 floppy from the drive just fine
> * mounting the old or newly formatted floppies under Linux is impossible:
> * formatting the floppies under Linux with any filesystem seems to
succeed at
> first, including all Linux or windows or msdos file systems, at least
there is
> no error message.
> * mounting such formatted filesystems under Linux returns the same exact
> as above:
> Any idea?

It sounds like the floppy controller for /dev/fd0 is not associated with
the traditional floppy controller (could be ata, ide/eide, pata, usb, scsi,
In not totally correct technical terms, need to figure out first which
bus/controller /dev/fd0 is being associated with.
(e.g. hard drive bus example: ata, ide, eide, scsi, usb.
 Tools for each are different, so just saying /dev/harddrive would NOT
indicate if ata, ide, eide, scsi or usb hard drive tools/modules are
e.g. fdutils will not work with a usb floppy!
The output of the command: floppy -p
would provide appropriate information to figure out what's going on.


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