[SATLUG] floppy issue -- hopefully a resolution

Craig sargonemail at gmail.com
Sun Apr 12 18:18:42 CDT 2015

*>> Borries Demeler* demeler at biochem.uthscsa.edu
Sun Apr 12 17:21:13 CDT 2015 wrote:>* After doing *"sudo modprobe floppy"*,
what does dmesg show? *>> Nothing. I checked, there is no module called
floppy.* in my stock Slack 14 kernel. (3.10.17).
>* (or going for same effect, different method, is "floppy" listed in *>
* /etc/modules -- if not add & reboot) * >> There is no such module in my
distro's kernel.

There is no floppy controller support compiled into the kernel that your

/dev/fd0 is being generated based on bio's info, no source code/binary
module to make use of /dev/fd0

Just a guess, but the box isn't running the huge "all the drivers included"
install kernel, but the generic kernel built after install to include just
the necessary modules for the hardware items found at the time of install.
(hence, no floppy module & no way to use /dev/fd0 since floppy drive
hardware was added after the install was complete.)

"simple" options on sticking with current install:

a) rebuild kernel :

b) use the huge "all the drivers included" install kernel

c) boot to a livecd distro running in ram which contains floppy drive

Hope one of the above works, because the other problems it might be are


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