[SATLUG] re: Recall History

Craig sargonemail at gmail.com
Wed Apr 15 20:17:29 CDT 2015

Steve Kolars wrote:
> Please help, I have lost my memory: what is the program that gives the up
> and down arrows functionality to recall history at the command line?
Time to to upgrade to magnetic ram?
Assuming that your not using a Ronald Reagan version of ksh (e.g.
earlier than ksh93)
and/or echo-ing history to /dev/null adding the the alias' below to
.profile (& resource-ing .profile) should work.

*> Borris Demeler wrote:
*> that should be part of bash. If you use the bash shell, don't you
have up/down arrow functionality?
"# passwd -e $" or just adding "# exec /bin/bash" to .profile also had
the side benefit of having to type less. ;)


set -o emacs

Note: these are the actual control characters. In vi, type i ctrl-v then
ctrl-P (if u want a ctrl-p)

alias _A=^P
alias _B=^N
alias _D=^B
alias _C=^F

and add below lines too:

alias __A=^P
alias __B=^N
alias __D=^B
alias __C=^F

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