[SATLUG] Local Vendor

Storey Clamp storey at clamp.ws
Thu Apr 16 18:12:38 CDT 2015

  Unfortunately you did mention exactly  what you were looking for, 
tower case, rack mount, type of drives, quantity of drives, motherboard 
contents ?

I am not a vendor, but I do have a beautiful old 286-20 mhz mini-tower 
with a 10 meg hard drive that I will let go for a bargain price.

Cheers,  Storey Clamp

"Ron" <ron.j.mann at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> I am looking to get a decent server or 2 for a virtualization project
>>> at my house. Does anyone knew of a good place (relatively close) that
>>> offers older hardware at a reasonable price? The only sites are nice,
>>> but sometimes it is good to see what is available closer to home.
>>> Thanks for your time.
>>> --
>>> _______________________________________________

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