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Travis Hegwer travis at dstechnology.net
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Mr, Dubbs

      I also just received the new 300Mbs from TWC and was faced with the same dilemma.  I opted for an old dell desktop, dropped in two 1/100/1000 NICS and installed centos and made sure I was using gigabit cards and switches throughout the house. If you are looking for an off the shelf solution the ASUS 802.11ac router flashed with or without DD-WRT works great as well.

Travis Hegwer

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I just upgraded my internet connection to 200 Mbps.  It works nicely.  If I connect a system directly to Time-Warner's router, I get the advertised speed.

The problem is that I don't really trust the built in firewall and want to put my own router between Time-Warner's router and my network.  I do have a Linksys WRT54G router flashed with dd-wrt that works slowly for that.

Through my router, the speed is limited to around 30-40 Mbps.  The rest of my internal network is a combination of 100 Mbps, 1Gbps, and miscellaneous wifi connections.

Can someone suggest a router that will handle 200 Mbps or more where I can load dd-wrt for better control?

   -- Bruce
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