[SATLUG] Why have Linux permissions become so complicated?

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Tue Aug 4 15:29:27 CDT 2015

Don Davis wrote:
> I've been having to work more with PAM recently (for LDAP...) and
> appreciate the modularity and configurability.
> Aside of that- the inseparable, interwoveness has crept in making more
> and more problems.
> Recently, I've experienced some unrecoverable (&undiagnosable to me)
> errors with systemd. Things that wouldn't have (so trivially) broke
> years ago - stop the system now.
> Oddly enough, right before I read this message, I was asking myself if
> Slackware was systemd less and if I could go back to basics with it....
> http://without-systemd.org/wiki/index.php/Main_Page


   That's an interesting link, but my question really wasn't about 
systemd.  In the main LFS system, we have never used systemd.  We use 
sysvinit with a set of shell scripts written over the years.  I did a 
major rewrite of them for LFS-7.0 (October 2011).  They seem to work 
pretty well.  My latest boot log shows it takes all of 4 seconds from 
first to last script.

My question was really why we need things like polkit or consolekit. 
There are several applications where they are required for proper 
operation.  One example is sddm, the kde replacement for kdm.  It has a 
runtime requirement for ConsoleKit.  Why?  I would think that a simple 
query into the passwd or group files would be enough.

   -- Bruce

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