[SATLUG] Why have Linux permissions become so complicated?

Don Wright wmail at dslextreme.com
Tue Aug 4 17:53:49 CDT 2015

Mark Mayfield wrote:
>I had some issues here and there recently which tracked back to systemd. 
>Things that where in the past they just wouldn't work but the system 
>keeps on running, with systemd the system completely stops and does not 
>function at all. Horrible way of doing things in my opinion. Apparently 
>the top people in charge of the major distro's think it is OK.

You're supposed to automatically spin up another virtual instance at
your cloud provider and continue from there. Dead is much easier to fix
than mostly working - at least for the paying customers of the people in
charge now. Freeloaders like us don't count.  --Don

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