[SATLUG] Switching to Linux from Windows XP

Steve Litt slitt at troubleshooters.com
Fri Dec 18 11:37:21 CST 2015

On Fri, 18 Dec 2015 11:05:44 -0600
Chris Montgomery <chrisncats at gmail.com> wrote:

> I downloaded the current Lubuntu distro ISO file back in August 

Excellent choice. Great hardware recognition, user friendly, very

Next step, make sure you have the right version, because
the version you downloaded in August might be deprecated. Either
download Lubuntu 14.04 LTS, which stays supported til 2017 or something
like that, or download the latest Lubuntu.

> but
> could never successfully complete the burn to create an install disk.
> I'm not sure why but after toasting five blank disks 

* How blank? Are they still recordable, or just contain no files? 

* How do you know they're blank? Did you test them in more than one

* I think most modern distros require DVD sized boot media. Were you
  using DVD-R? 

* If so, were you recording it in something capable of   recording

* How old were your blank media, and how much light and high
  temperatures had they been exposed to?

* How old was the computer you burned them on? Drives can go out of
  alignment after a few years.

* Did you burn them on Windows, Linux or Mac?

* What program did you use to burn them?

> I gave up (not
> sure if it was a software or hardware problem). So at this  point,
> all I want for Xmas is a Lubuntu install DVD. If someone would be
> willing to burn an install disk from the ISO, I would be very
> grateful and give you a couple of new blank DVD disks for your
> trouble. 

I live 1000 miles away (assuming you live in San Antonio), so I can't
burn a disk for you. But I'm betting if you buy some brand name DVD-R
disks, and burn them on a fairly new computer, you'll have no problem.
DVD-R disks should cost about 40 cents apiece in quantity 50. I'd buy
Verbatim or TDK or Maxell.

Even if somebody else burns your installer for you, you need to be able
to burn DVD-R, if for no other reason than to add robust onsite and
near-site (bank account safe deposit box) backup capabilities to your
backup strategy.


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