[SATLUG] Switching to Linux from Windows XP

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Fri Dec 18 13:16:00 CST 2015

Chris Montgomery wrote:
> I want to thank everyone who replied to this topic before and dust it off
> again after four months while I have had my attention focused on other
> issues.
> I downloaded the current Lubuntu distro ISO file back in August but could
> never successfully complete the burn to create an install disk. I'm not
> sure why but after toasting five blank disks I gave up (not sure if it was
> a software or hardware problem). So at this  point, all I want for Xmas is
> a Lubuntu install DVD. If someone would be willing to burn an install disk
> from the ISO, I would be very grateful and give you a couple of new blank
> DVD disks for your trouble. Much appreciated.

If you want a DVD quickly, you can purchase a DVD relatively inexpensively 
at https://www.osdisc.com/.  You can also get the distros as a flash drive 
if you system will boot to that.  Those work a bit faster than a DVD.

Personally I like XFCE so Xubuntu 15.10 or would be the choice for that.
Of course you can just install any and change via apt-get.

   -- Bruce

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