[SATLUG] Using Virtual Servers and Big Cloud Storage

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Thu Dec 31 01:13:01 CST 2015

On Dec 30, 2015, at 10:53 PM, John Champion <satlugacct at jchampion.com> wrote:

> I teach Cloud computing at UIW. You can download Ubuntu Metal Server
> and there are instructions there for building your own OpenStack
> cluster. You can then add your own storage.That is one option.

I’m familiar with OpenStack.  My first real task at MomentumSI was to build the Grizzly cluster for use on all development projects related to OpenStack.  I found so many problems with the documentation at that time that I signed the ICLA, and I got my company to sign the CCLA, so that I could contribute my changes back.

But although I use OpenStack in the cloud consulting work I do, and I’m happy to play with it all day, it’s not what I want to use for home computing purposes.  For home use, I want something simpler that my wife can understand and use, and I can tell her how to fix things over the telephone.

OpenStack fails that test, and for that matter so does OwnCloud.  But OwnCloud does come a lot closer than OpenStack.

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