[SATLUG] Using Virtual Servers and Big Cloud Storage

Nathan Templeton nathantempleton at live.com
Thu Dec 31 01:43:14 CST 2015

  Which tracks well with what OpenStack and Ownclouds offerings are from 
what I understand.

  While you can deploy Openstack in many SoHo and SMB environments, it 
was never meant to be used as a home "cloud" solution. While OwnCloud 
has tried to take a closer "turn-key" response to those customers. Both 
have their faults, none are perfect in anyway, but I still think they 
are better in all respects to AWS are Azure atm for "cloud-home 
integration solutions.  We could split hairs with ubuntu's current cloud 
offering, and indeed it does pretty well on for a home-based solution, 
but again is far from perfect and still requires a learning curve that 
is not user friendly.

On 12/31/2015 01:13 AM, Brad Knowles wrote:
> On Dec 30, 2015, at 10:53 PM, John Champion <satlugacct at jchampion.com> wrote:
>> I teach Cloud computing at UIW. You can download Ubuntu Metal Server
>> and there are instructions there for building your own OpenStack
>> cluster. You can then add your own storage.That is one option.
> I’m familiar with OpenStack.  My first real task at MomentumSI was to build the Grizzly cluster for use on all development projects related to OpenStack.  I found so many problems with the documentation at that time that I signed the ICLA, and I got my company to sign the CCLA, so that I could contribute my changes back.
> But although I use OpenStack in the cloud consulting work I do, and I’m happy to play with it all day, it’s not what I want to use for home computing purposes.  For home use, I want something simpler that my wife can understand and use, and I can tell her how to fix things over the telephone.
> OpenStack fails that test, and for that matter so does OwnCloud.  But OwnCloud does come a lot closer than OpenStack.
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