[SATLUG] Raspberry Pi 2

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Mon Feb 2 17:39:02 CST 2015

Don Wright wrote:
> Bruce Dubbs wrote:
>> How well does it work without a monitor?
> To the outside world it's the same as an RPi B+, but faster. The new
> quad-core ARMv7 processor needs a recompiled kernel, but the features of
> Raspbian and other existing OS builds are supposed to be the same, and
> external interfaces are the same, so headless operation shouldn't
> change. I'll be ordering one (and a model A+ for another project) this
> week.
> Microsoft's details on the Windows 10 for Internet of Things (IoT) are
> pretty sketchy right now. Redmond is probably still running profit
> projections on what features to drop so it doesn't compete with W10
> desktop and W10 phone/tablet.  --DonW

Don, I was referring to how Windows would work without a monitor.  Their 
whole thing is the gui.   The last time I looked at the windows command 
line, it sucked until you added cygwin.

Additionally, the windows development system is terrible unless you use 
their proprietary tools.  They have different libraries required for 
debugging and release.  Now that's a real advantage (not!)

The bottom line is that the internet of things is about tiny devices. 
They don't have a monitor.  Windows is designed for monitors.  Square 
peg, meet round hole.

   -- Bruce

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