[SATLUG] Meetings and learning Linux

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Tue Feb 10 12:04:17 CST 2015

We have not recently done a newbies specific meeting, but many members would be 
glad to offer private advice either on the list or at a meeting.

I have not verified that the room I am considering is available but I'll try to 
do that today.  It's too soon for February, but I'll try to set up a meeting for 
Thursday, March 12.

We will need someone to present a topic that is TBD.

   -- Bruce

Rosie Contreras wrote:
> Hi, I had originally attended my first SATLUG meeting because I want to learn
> Linux and take my certification. I am learning completely on my off time, and
> so I was disappointed to see that meetings haven’t been taking place lately,
> and more disappointed that the meetings don’t give any opportunity for
> helping newbies learn Linux. I know of several Rackers who want to learn
> Linux and get their certifications, and even plenty of non-Rackers who are
> pursuing self-study in Linux and programming who have expressed an interest a
> Linux users group that would actually teach us Linux and support our
> questions and problems that we have from our self-study time. It’s hard
> learning Linux all by yourself. Is there any possibility of starting this
> kind of newbie support?

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