[SATLUG] Microsoft

Don Wright wmail at dslextreme.com
Tue Jun 2 00:50:32 CDT 2015

>On my Windows 7 computer, not this one, Microsoft has placed a "Buy Windows 10' Icon on the toolbar and they do not give you a way to remove it. 

Back in mid-May Microsoft slipped in a "recommended" update KB3035583
that, when triggered by Microsoft, starts dumping ads for Windows 10 on
your PC.


It can be uninstalled from Windows Update, Installed Updates (bottom of
left pane). Scan closely for the KB3035583 amongst the huge list of MS
oopsies. It's one of the shorter lines, which helps the search a bit.
Select and click the uninstall button.

Once you've finished that, you must then run a Windows Update "Check for
Updates" search. Don't install anything - just look at the results and
find KB3035583. Now Right Click that entry and select Hide Update. That
should prevent re-installation until MS comes up with new ways to
warrant nuking from orbit.  --Don

MS Windows: The great crippler of young computers.

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