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On Wed, 3 Jun 2015 03:23:43 -0500
Craig <sargonemail at gmail.com> wrote:

> Nathan T. wrote:
> ...
> "We should be on top of it all."
> ...
> obviously read "Future 'meating' topping" post first.  In short, lug
> has gone through entire bell curve cycle.
> other than the newsgroup, noone has attempted to move the group beyond
> flatline status --e.g. Actual meeting
>  Can use 10bitworks.com space on Saturday afternoons to talk about
> how to get this group beyond flatline status and/or shift to
> wattaburger next door if 10bitworks is to busy/noisey.
> Craig

Hi all,

I've helped found two LUGs and was a board member in a third. One way
or another, I'm associated with *a lot* of LUGs.

What I've seen is that the problems you're perceiving are no way unique
to SATLUG: They're everywhere. Linux just isn't the cool new thing
anymore. We're no longer the revolutionaries overthrowing Microsoft and
bringing the world a better way anymore. Now we just use an OS we like.

If SATLUG is anything like the other LUGs I'm seeing, your average age
probably goes up 6 months for every year that passes. At GoLUG, we have
most of the same people we had at our 2004 founding. We actually lost
one member, not to moving away for a better job, but to death (he was in
his late 80's).

I don't think this phenomenon is anything we should beat ourselves up
over. What happened is that, from the mid-1990's to today, Linux slowly
morphed from a world-dominating revolution to an operating system we
like. We won the revolution: We use Linux just like others use the Mac
and the "PC". If we had crystal balls back in the dot com boom days,
we'd be rejoicing in our fate in 2015.

But we're no longer revolutionary, we're no longer the new thing, and
Linux has no special appeal to those who came after we pushed aside
Gates and Ballmer.

I'm thinking of ways to get younger people to join GoLUG, so that a
decade from now we're not holding meetings in assisted living centers.
It strikes me that the one way Linux (as opposed to "locked up
Linux" Android stuff) appeals to younger people is via the Maker
Movement. DIY people know the value of complete openness. 

Whatever SATLUG comes up with, I'd be interested in hearing, because
we're fighting similar battles at GoLUG.



Steve Litt 
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