[SATLUG] Linux partioning matrix

Craig sargonemail at gmail.com
Fri Jun 5 02:46:46 CDT 2015

originally started under "bare-bones parted cheat sheet"

It'd be interesting to have a cheat sheet/ referece sheet of areas not
covered by parted or need other specific software (GPT, lvm, vm resizing,
raid, ssd) and/or ways parted isn't the way to go, e.g. vm, *cloud, udisk
restrictions, vendor specific ssd/raid, need to do under "live" boot, etc.*

The concept/thought being kinda hard to do partion software recommendations
without knowing intended OS usage  with today's single drive representation
potentially being multi-drive/multi-hardware / multi-platform hence leading
a) other  issues not handled by traditional "parted" software (lvm, data
replication, virtual disk resizing/partioning, handled below OS -- ssd, gpt
partion alignment)
b) dangerous to do in "online" mode (use "live" boot to avoid raid cache
issues, node data replication issues, filesystems tuning)
c) need sanity checks first (s.m.a.r.t., tune fs first, are all filesystems
in use on "drive"/volume handled by "parted" -- such as a user defined fuse
fs or resizing vm partion)

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