[SATLUG] Help with My Linux

Travis Mosley logarithmicrooster at gmail.com
Tue Jun 9 18:45:18 CDT 2015


I would like help building My Linux. It's name will be Talix for Tails 
Linux and I need these goals.
     * Be built from source
     * Be extremely lightweight
     * Support Wayland
     * Rolling release
     * Run on PPC and ARM (including AArch64)
     * Use the tazpkg or SourceMage/Sorcerer GNU/Linux package managers
     * Run in 32MB of RAM
     * Have a Sonic and Tails theme
     * Use kmscon for system consoles
     * Support Spanish and Japanese
     * Be fun
     * Run in RAM
     * Have a LiveCD and LiveUSB
     * Can be installed and run from a flash drive
     * Have a tiny core like TinyCore Linux
     * Be extensible and have packages/configuration files to install at 
LiveUSB boot
     * Have a GNU/Hurd release

That's all


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