[SATLUG] Concepts for "how to build a customized linux" workshop

Craig sargonemail at gmail.com
Wed Jun 10 21:10:43 CDT 2015

Ok, building on "Starter concepts for 'Help with My Linux'"
by moving to things towards setting up a "how to build a
customized linux" workshop.
Open to alternative ideas on this or other things discussed
later on. e.g. making use of 10bitworks teleconferencing.

In the time frame I've been with SATLug, there are now
actually several options available for doing a "how to
build a customized linux" workshop.
Note:  brainstorming here, none of the groups listed in
this post have been contacted/aware of this discussion at
time of post.

a) San Antonio College --
   One of the posts to the group in the last year, mentioned
   the possibility of hosting a meeting at SAC
   Is this still a possibility?  Could it be in a room with
   access to PC's like in the past?

b) Could do some of this at 10BitWorks (www.10bitworks.com)
   and make use of the pi setup/network connections they have
   there.  One could set things up so other than a suggested
   donation, one could just bring a usb or sdhc card to be
   able to follow along.
   Note:  With network access, would still be able to bring
   one's own hardware to use!
   Could potentially do the workshop as a teleconference too!
   *ponders what'd it take for Ben Heckdorn to do this presentation,
     without having to resort to a kickstarter for funds*

   Alternatively, could work with 10bitworks and/or XCSSA and
   go one further and have a workshop to construct a portable
   laptop before SATLUG project.
   Inexpensive, hardware option of choice for guts of "diy laptop"
   would be a pi B model, some ideas:

c) Rackspace --
   One would need to bring the platform of choice to do the class.
   Unknown network access would require need to pre-stage things
   -- so XCSSA "diy laptop" tie-in wouldn't be optional unless a
      non-Racker provides a wireless point.

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