[SATLUG] Overactive polkitd on Debian laptop

Frank Huddleston fhuddles at gmail.com
Mon Jun 22 12:20:05 CDT 2015

> Frank Huddleston wrote :
> Greetings,

>  Lately I've noticed periodic little spikes in CPU usage on my Debian
> laptop. Looks like it's mostly polkitd, but I'm also seeing
> periodic runs of  dbus-daemon and console-kit-daemon.
> It's not crippling my system, but it's obvious that something isn't
> running the way it should.
> I don't know what to make of this. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions?
Ummm... debian os release helps:

Possible solution via ubuntu issue:

Thanks: yes, I saw this article: one of the few I found dealing with
this issue. The author does not say how he figured out that acpid kept
opening /etc/acpid/lid.sh, and that he should therefore change
/sys/firmware/acpi/interrupts/gpe1F. That was even mentioned in a
comment, but he did not return to elaborate. Perhaps because he did
the strace on acpid, mentioned in a later post?
I myself did not see acpid in the mix, but did try echoing "disable"
to that system parameter: it did not allow it, even using sudo.
  But in any case, the problem just went away after a day or so. I
never did find out what it was.

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