[SATLUG] Meetngs..

Craig sargonemail at gmail.com
Tue Mar 17 16:41:42 CDT 2015

I'm not exactly the greatest presenter; but am willing to talk for about
5-10 minutes to get a discussion going.
Suggested topic of discussion via walk through of an open source project
that I did -> "Available resources in San Antonio area for doing an open
source project"


On Tue, Mar 17, 2015 at 1:41 PM, Craig <sargonemail at gmail.com> wrote:

> *> Nathan Templeton* nathantempleton at live.com
> <satlug%40satlug.org?Subject=%5BSATLUG%5D%20Meetings..&In-Reply-To=>on
> *Mon Mar 16 23:39:46 CDT 2015 wrote:...> *I took a look at the website,
> and there is not an updated meeting list for 2015, did I miss the March
> meeting?
> No, just the discussion about needing at least one person to present
> something.
> > And if so, when is the meeting for April?
> Based on discussions to try and get a meeting up and going, the hold up
> seems to be getting someone to commit to presenting something first, before
> the meeting place/date/time is set.
> Craig

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