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Steev Klimaszewski threeway at gmail.com
Sat Mar 21 03:17:51 CDT 2015

ANSI graphics?

On Sat, Mar 21, 2015 at 1:29 AM, Joe <null.div.zero at gmail.com> wrote:

> Good morning everyone,
>      I'm hoping someone can help me uphold the good name of Linux.  Please
> let it never be said that DOS could do something that Linux cannot
> (currently):  Around the time of ms-dos 5.0 my brother in law helped me
> setup my C:\ to display a .gif within the prompt itself.  I'm up late
> tonight babysitting a moody windows server; so, naturally, I'm toying with
> a raspberry pi in the wee hours of the morning.  And, I'm stumped.  I
> cannot remember how we did it in dos, I don't know the correct google
> search to make any headway in google, and, of course, I can't "ask" the pi
> why it doesn't understand what I want it to do.  So, I'm hoping one of you
> might be able to lead me in the right direction.  I want to find a way to
> display an icon (or, better yet, an animated gif) inside one of the
> components of the bash prompt.  Something like:  "`[<waving American
> flag>]'null at mallard>$".  And, before the naysayers come after me, look at
> the run-level 3 of open suse, or the console of a raspberry pi.  Those
> consoles display the type graphic I am looking for; but, I don't know how
> to research that (what name would you give it, I don't think it's a simple
> ncurses process).
>       Further, if no one has any ideas on how to do it in the given Linux
> environment, perhaps one/some of you would be interested in starting
> development on such a project with me.  I know a little c, more java, and
> I'm not afraid of a new language or library.
>      just think how nice it would be to have a little waving flag, growing
> grass, fetching dog, or what ever denoting your last console position!
> Note:  an interesting article I found while looking for the above described
> solution:
> http://www.opensourceforu.com/2011/08/spicing-up-console-for-fun-profit-1/
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