[SATLUG] Now it's spam on the phone

Alan Lesmerises alesmerises at satx.rr.com
Mon Mar 30 16:16:11 CDT 2015

On 3/30/2015 4:01 PM, Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> FYI.
> I just got an interesting phone call.  The guy with somewhat of an 
> Indian (Asia) accent said that my Windows computer was doing something 
> bad (I don't know exactly what).  When I pointed out that I didn't do 
> Windows, he abruptly hung up.  The Caller Id said Abilene but that was 
> forged, I'm sure.
> The background noise was like a large room of people making phone calls.
>   -- Bruce

I've gotten a couple of those calls already.  I like to let them think 
I'm cooperating, ask them specifics about the "problem" (usually a bunch 
of total BS, even on a Windows computer, meaning they don't even know 
anything themselves), and then ask them which version of Windows -- that 
I have more than one computer with different versions installed.  That 
usually trips them up with an "uh, uh, uh" ... then tell them I don't 
have the version they asked for, and all the "stuff" they told me was 
wrong was total BS.

Either they just hang up or get real mad.  I don't why they should be so 
mad?  Don't they like it when someone jacks with them?  I mean, they're 
trying to do the same thing to me, just with malicious intent ...

Al Lesmerises

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