[SATLUG] Rackspace

Joe null.div.zero at gmail.com
Thu Nov 5 16:52:45 CST 2015

All,  especially those of you that work at Rackspace or a similar company,

I've been working in oil & gas,  on SCADA networks.   I'm interested in
changing directions.   And,  I'd like to do more with Linux.  So, my
question is,  what kind of networking prospects are there at a company like
Rackspace? And,  what kind of experience are they looking for?
I have a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems. I've got
subnetting,  dns,  and  routing experience. I'm Network+ certified. And,
I've been expanding my Linux experience on LinuxAcademy.com.   Also,  do
you think I'm moving the right direction?  If not, what companies, or
fields do you think I would be able to contribute,  with this skill set?

Any info you can provide would be very much appreciated.


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