Nathan Templeton nathantempleton at live.com
Sun Nov 8 03:15:37 CST 2015

Sorry for the late reply to this all.. But I do currently work at the 
Rack. If that is a more convenient place to meet. I can look into that.. 
I know that is where the meetings where held 3 years ago when I first 
moved to SA.

It was not the kind of LUG I was used to. It was more focused on pushing 
projects and less and on learning and teaching. So I stopped going after 
a few meetings.

I would love to bring them back to the Rack, so feel free to email me 
directly,  I would also love to help create some great talks for 
practical family linux: i.e. "How can I really game on linux" address 
cedega, playonlinux and strait up wine tweaking. "Linux is awesome.. But 
how do I print?", "Open Office is okay.. but what else is out there?" " 
I would love to help cultivate a training program to prep for the 
RHCSA/LPIC1 regardless of where you are starting from. I would really 
enjoy teaching a "what the hell is linux" class/presentation for the 
recent or those that are looking at switching. I also come with 
cisco/juniper experience focusing on microwave transmission systems.

  I have done the LFS gamet with Debian and Fedora. I started out with 
Slack around 1998, since then I have distro hopped from Ubuntu to Arch.

  I would love to teach what I know, learn what I do not. And in the 
interim help a group of like minded people  become better with their 



On 11/05/2015 07:52 PM, Bruce Orcutt wrote:
> Looking forward to it. Still relatively new to the area, so would be nice to meet more Linux geeks in the area.
> I work at utsa library, and could probably swing us a room for one of the future meetings, if needed.
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> Eddy Sackinger wrote:
>> I'm game with that (and it sounds like an interesting talk), unfortunately
>> I don't know Dr Bruce Dubbs if you provide me with contact info I can try
>> to contact him or you can.  I could do December 3rd at 7pm at San Antonio
>> College?
> LOL.  You contact me here.  Lets set up for December 10 at SAC Nail Technical
> Center.  I'll double check on a room, but that week is finals and the traffic on
> campus should be quite low.
>     -- Bruce
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