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> Correction:  1TB: not 1GB

Amazon Cloud Drive is unlimited volume, see <https://www.amazon.com/clouddrive/home/>.  $60/year works out to $5 per month.

If you want something more robust than that, you could set up SoftNAS or even a virtual NetApp appliance in AWS, with S3 as the backend.

AWS also pioneered the concept of doing a virtual server in the cloud.  If you’re concerned about security, you can set up the Security Groups (the AWS equivalent of a firewall) to only allow connections from certain specific IP addresses which you know and trust.  You can do this from the web interface, so that if you’re at a hotel and you can get Internet access, you can get to the web console, add the /32 IP address you’re currently using, and only that one IP address from that site will be able to get packets routed to your AWS instance.  From there, you’d want additional security on top of that.

Or, you could set up a simple VPN, so that you log into the VPN from wherever you are, and from there you can access your servers.

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