[SATLUG] Grub hell

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Fri Nov 27 16:35:48 CST 2015

Borries Demeler wrote:
> I was wondering if we have some grub experts here who could help me out.
> Here is the issue:
> /dev/sda1: large gpt raid array on sata raid controller, ext4
> /dev/sdb: large gpt raid array on sata raid controller, ext4
> /dev/sdb1: 500 MB /boot partition, ext4
> /dev/sdb2: several TB of diskspace, ext4, mounted on /

I finally got home and was able to read the entire thread.

I do not recommend having a large partition for /.  10G is plenty.  The 
important part of a system is the data.  That is best kept on a separate 
partition.  If you are using multiple builds, then you only need one 10G 
partition for each system.  I also recommend a separate /boot, but 500M is 
overkill.  I generally have 7-10 different systems and still have space 
left over at 200M, but 500M doesn't do anything except waste a little disk 
space. However on your system that's a trivial amount.

I also think that having RAID for the system partition is unnecessary.  It 
is appropriate for data, but the system can easily be replaced.  Having a 
simple root partition also makes the grub configuration trivial.

   -- Bruce

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