[SATLUG] OT: Prep for safe equipment disposal

Travis England england.travis at gmail.com
Tue Oct 27 23:55:50 CDT 2015

First-Shred at http://www.firstshredsanantonio.com/harddrivedestruction.php

They're local. All I can advise is to give them a call and ask if they can
remove the drives from your enclosures as well. They're licensed, bonded,
and insured.

Best Regards,
Travis England

On Tue, Oct 27, 2015 at 11:43 PM Alan Lesmerises <alesmerises at satx.rr.com>

> On 10/26/2015 10:24 PM, Don Wright wrote:
> > Alan Lesmerises wrote:
> >> I have more than a couple of computers, external hard drives, flash
> >> drives, etc., and at least some of them will have some sensitive
> >> information on them. ... to securely wipe all the data off of them
> >>
> >> What would be your suggestions for looking for a service like that?
> > I think you're looking at this from the wrong end. Sensitive data should
> > be properly encrypted so it is useless as it sits on the media until you
> > personally unlock it each time it is needed. The more valuable something
> > is -- either by its secrecy (proverbial formula for Coca-Cola) or by
> > exploiting its knowledge (numbered Swiss bank account) -- the more
> > layers of defense should be considered. You probably don't need an
> > isolated system built of pre-1970 components in a Faraday-cage room, but
> > it's sobering to know there are people whose job it is to exfiltrate
> > data from just such a setting.
> >
> > Perhaps the keys to certain repositories could be trusted also to your
> > lawyer (under attorney-client privilege) for items that may need to
> > survive you, but it general I'd follow the adage: "Two may keep a secret
> > if one of them is dead."
> >
> > Unfortunately, recent revelations about how badly the secure software &
> > hardware industry worldwide has been polluted by the NSA and the like
> > make this considerably easier said then done.  --Don
> First, thanks for everyone's inputs so far.  I knew about the "DoD wipe"
> process -- I should have mentioned that.
> As to Don's point above, I actually don't believe I am looking at this
> wrong.  I have passwords on files with really sensitive info (past tax
> returns, banking records, etc.).  What I'm talking about (and concerned
> with) is the large volume of "other" files that individually may not
> reveal anything vital, but collectively could be used by an identity
> thief (as an example) to do some damage, or some those that may be
> embarrassing or would otherwise be something I don't want distributed
> after I'm gone.
> Several other members have suggested using one utility or another, and
> some of them might do what I want.  The problem is that when I say my
> wife is not computer literate, I was being _very_ generous -- I have had
> to show her multiple time how to include an attachment in an e-mail,
> from scratch, every time.  The chances of her learning how to a DoD wipe
> of hard drives and the like herself are not only zero, I think they're
> even negative!!!
> The idea of physically destroying everything isn't feasible since (1) we
> could be talking about several dozen drives of all types here and there,
> (2) my wife would have no idea how to remove them where they're
> installed or even where to look for a hard drive (and she probably
> wouldn't even know what one looks like).
> I have to assume that she would have no one to turn to for help in
> getting this done, that she would not be able to do it herself, and she
> would have to find and hire a person/business to do it for her.
> What I was looking for (and still am) are some recommendations of
> _trustworthy_ businesses (or at least "types" of businesses, if there is
> such a category to describe them) that would do this kind of thing.
> Basically, I have to lay our some instructions of how to get this done
> and things for her to look for when trying to find a source to get that
> kind of service.  I know there are companies that do secure document
> destruction for commercial customers (we have a service like that at my
> job), so I was thinking maybe there might be a similar service offered
> for digital documents.
> So if anyone has any suggestions for the situation as I described it,
> please let me know.  Thanks.
> Al Lesmerises
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