[SATLUG] hello satlug

Craig sargonemail at gmail.com
Thu Oct 29 21:04:09 CDT 2015

shannon @ inflecto.org wrote:
> Hello to everyone on satlug,
> I just rejoined the mailing list. I was wondering.
> I see the site hasn't been updated in what looks like a year.
> Are there monthly meeting any more?

Well, its been a few months since the "having a meeting" topic has
come up.  This year's goal was to have a meeting a quarter, didn't happen.
Last time meeting topic came up, was a request to present.
All of the equipment that I need to show for demo still hasn't arrived yet. :(

>From the "Alienware Steam Machine" topic, would seem like there might be
interest in seeing SteamOS run on a pi. (and/or perhaps using the pi's at
10bitworks to do a Christmas party computing gaming night using SteamOS)?

At least that way, SatLug will have had one meeting before the end of
this year. ;)


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