[SATLUG] Dell DXG061 for Free

Glenn Boswell gboswellsac at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 19 21:07:40 CDT 2015

I have a Dell DXG061 old XPS box I need to get out of my office soon. I got this to clone a couple 1TB drives for my son last March and I have not used since: Specs .... Big one 21" tall 8" wide and 23" long.Core 2 duo  2.134 GB 667 DDR2has 0 - 5 SATA ports  (1 160 GB drive {W7 Pro} and 2 DVD drives installed) 0 - 1 PATA   (has 2 ide 320 drive I've never powered up but are in box) Video card has cpu and fan but I have no idea what it is. Just look up the Dell DXG061 and you get an idea. With the cover off easy to load in and out drives as has the Dell easy access drive carriers. 
This one has the RED glow in front when running. Lit up my office the nights I let it run all night cloning drives. 
I'm in a wheelchair now so you will have to pick up but I'm home almost all the time so from 10am - 8pm, if call ahead, I'll try to accommodate. The Dell monitor is lcd but a small one and the key board and mouse are old (and dusty) as my wife put the cat box in my office when we went to Alaska in May and it never left...:-(
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