[SATLUG] Thinking of upgrading network

Stephen Eaton stephen.l.eaton at gmail.com
Sat Apr 2 20:48:16 CDT 2016

I'm thinking of upgrading my old 300 Mbps wireless router with a newer
setup. My AC1900 router was sold to a friend who has more sqft to cover
(I'm so nice). 300mbps has worked fairly well so far, actually. 3 devices
are on wifi and 2-3 are wired depending on projects. I have really wanted
to work with Ubiquity's newer AC APs along with an Edgerouter Lite (ERL) or
Security Gateway (USG). Their fastest AP is only 450mbps though, which
isn't much of an upgrade considering total cost would be $250-270 (yikes!).
An AC1900 router with VPN can be had for $90-100 (Dlink DIR-880L).

I guess the upsides are being able to tinker with Ubiquity's cool hardware
and faster VPN throughput. I'd really like to close down some open ports
with VPN in place. Is there a small VPN only hardware thing I can just
attach my network that's fast or should I spend money on something better?

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