[SATLUG] SSD Tips for the Xubuntu User

Philip Cammarata philip at cammarata.me
Wed Apr 6 12:46:59 CDT 2016

I'm always a firm supporter of using an SSD for OS AND commonly accessed
files/locations.  You will probably do the majority of your reading and
writing to your home folder so why not let that benefit as well?  A lot of
your applications will just sit in RAM and I'd wager to bet that most of
your wait times are an IO operation.

I tend to store media files, games or old documents on a mechanical under
/mnt or something similar.  Just how I do things.  A lot of variables to
consider but I spend 90% of my time in 10% of my data.

On Wed, Apr 6, 2016 at 12:28 PM, Howard Haradon <hharadon at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,  I am thinking of getting a 240GB
> drive to add to my desktop machine.
> My thought is to have all the programs
> on the SSD and then use my existing
> mechanical drive for /home.  There is
> SATA 6Gbs on my mainboard and a
> SATA cable.
> What else do I need and what dos and
> don'ts do I need to consider?
> Thanks,  Howard  🐧
> Howard Haradon
> Sent from Linux
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