[SATLUG] Antenna shop in town

Don Wright wmail at dslextreme.com
Fri Aug 12 11:37:44 CDT 2016

Jose Leiva wrote:

>Any of you ham users know of a shop that I can buy an omni directional antenna.
>I am looking for a 900mhz outdoor antenna, it's not for ham but for video transmission.
>San Antonio or Austin shop would work.

Not sure how many hams are active here. I haven't seen a local store
since KCOMM closed, though there was news about a small effort back in

Most everything else looks like industrial radio, so might have
something for that band.

You might drop by www.10BitWorks.com Saturday afternoon during their
open house. They have a club station and several hams often show up, and
Part 15 uses certainly fall within their interests.

Darn, you just missed the Texas ARRL Convention and Austin Summerfest.
Probably were a few bargains there. http://www.austinsummerfest.org/


When you see the Christmas Lights go up in the stores, you know
Thanksg..  Hallo..,  uh, *Labor Day* can't be far behind!

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