[SATLUG] Good place to have 3D prints made?

Nate Turnage pixelnate at gmail.com
Tue Jan 12 15:42:30 CST 2016

I purchased a 3D printer from a Kickstarter and there are a number of pieces that weren't machined properly. Another sucker, er, supporter has built a number of of brackets, braces and carriages (http://goo.gl/xVSwnU) that can be printed to salvage the otherwise good Openbuilds hardware that came with the kit. So, I'm in a chicken and egg scenario, I need to have the parts printed so that I can have a functioning printer. 
The UPS Store has a 3D printer, but it would cost $300+ to get all the parts printed there. Does anyone have a recommendation of someone/someplace I can pay to produce these parts that won't break the bank? Or perhaps a recommendation of a reputable printer in the area on 3D hubs?

Nate Turnage

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