[SATLUG] diskless ramdisk booting

Craig sargonemail at gmail.com
Wed Jul 27 15:53:21 CDT 2016

*> Borries Demeler, d*emeler at biochem.uthscsa.edu on

*Wed Jul 27 11:21:15 CDT 2016> wrote:*> We managed to boot from
nfsroot, but we really need a RAM disk for /var and /etc
> for each node to be different.
> Yes, you are correct, the init switching is what we have not yet figured out :-)

Ummm... ok, based on this article & initial article, sounds like some
terminology is getting
in the way.  So going to sum up what I think is being attempted.

The remote node initiates a pxe boot off of the nfs server.  The nfs
server setsup an OS instance
on the server side (per remote node request) which is remotely
accessed by the remote node (not
certain if the user home directory resides on nfs server, some other
server, or local machine).
The remote node mini-OS can be obtained either via pxe or local
HD/floppy/usb/cd/dvd from pxe server.
Mini-OS is run entirely in RAM.

The mini-OS running in RAM is used to (gpxe, grub2, uboot/netboot):
?configured to access a complete distribution running on a different box,
 the traditional terminal server, but with access to a remote VM instance.

?configured to access specific app(s) running remotely on a different box
 where apps are run as a container/docker instance on the server side.

?contains the environment to run a specific app or apps on current box,
 where apps are run as a container/docker instance locally.

?setup the complete distribution to run in RAM or install to box,
 where live image is pulled from server
 e.g. netboot.xyz but with the nfs server as the permenant storage
point for the user
home directory

?? other approach(es) not related to traditional terminal service(s)


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