[SATLUG] Freezing Mint

Alan Lesmerises alesmerises at satx.rr.com
Wed Mar 30 22:32:55 CDT 2016

That's pretty much the same as I installed for my wife -- 17.3 64-bit, 

In a way, I'm glad I'm not the only one, but disappointed that your 
troubleshooting didn't turn up a smoking gun.  I really like Mint ...

Al Lesmerises

On 3/30/2016 2:11 AM, musix wrote:
> Alan,
> I ran into the same issues with Linux Mint 17.3 - 64 bit (KDE &
> Cinnamon). On KDE, the mouse would move, but I could not click on
> anything or type. Cinnamon would just freeze up entirely. It would
> happen different computers (laptops and desktop). This covered AMD &
> Intel based systems. The CPU did not seem to matter. Some had Nvidia
> graphics while others used integrated graphics. The issues happened
> independent of additional video drivers being installed or not. In most
> cases, I would have to turn the device off and then boot it up again.
> There were no error messages or anything else that I could find. Not
> that this helps with finding a solution, but you are not alone with
> this mystery.
> On a side note, it gave me a reason to look at other distros for a
> while.
> Jason
> On Wed, 2016-03-30 at 00:47 -0500, Jennie Haywood wrote:
>> This is one of the problems with Linux... the kernel is not
>> instrumented.
>> If this were AIX, I'd tell you force  dump OR  set the machine up to
>> go
>> into the kernel debugger.   Either way, we'd be looking at
>> what  threads
>> are running and who has the most time.  So the suggestion of top
>> isn't a
>> bad one but you just don't know when you'll get the output from the
>> command.  Could be a getty going nuts or something else respawning to
>> quickly or any number of other things.... have you tried bringing the
>> machine into single user mode and see if it has the same problem?
>> or slowly commenting things out in the inittab to see if it's
>> something
>> obvious in there?
>> Jennie
>> On Tue, Mar 29, 2016 at 11:19 PM, Alan Lesmerises <alesmerises at satx.r
>> r.com>
>> wrote:
>>> Has anyone had problems with Mint freezing-up (or at least being
>>> excruciatingly slow)?
>>> I had to upgrade (?) my wife's computer to Mint 17.3, and now it
>>> freezes
>>> up and/or slows down so much it seems like it's frozen. Sometimes
>>> the mouse
>>> moves, but nothing else seems to happen. Following some suggestions
>>> I found
>>> on the 'net, I tried changing the video driver, changing some boot
>>> options
>>> (e.g., nouveau.accel=1), etc., but none of these helped.
>>> Any suggestions?
>>> Al Lesmerises
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