[SATLUG] Update on issue with Kali and external SSD

David Nazzaro NZKshatriya at outlook.com
Wed Sep 21 12:38:13 CDT 2016

I believe I have narrowed down the issue to being related to my Skylake i7.
There are others having issues with getting Kali 2016.2 to boot, most of which are trying to dual boot.

As I only go to campus two or three time a week, I am actually considering rebuilding my AMD desktop, using a
luggage cart to carry it to class.  Much prefer being able to work on own system, but 6th gen i* series are seeming to be a mixed bag at present, at least when it comes to non-traditional (Asus, MSI, Sager, etc) systems as far as I can tell.

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