[SATLUG] desktop.ini

Don Wright wmail at dslextreme.com
Wed Jul 5 21:49:14 CDT 2017

>Okay you Windows Experts here is a good one: 
>I was going to delete an unused folder on my Win 7 computer with all the latest updates.  It said that I would be deleting a file called desktop.ini which is needed by Windows. 
>I did a search on my computer and found 221 files with the name desktop.ini or Desktop.ini dated over an 8 year period with files sizes from 56 to 800 bytes. 
>Are all these files really needed?  Why so many? 

Not a Windows expert (though I get paid to Google for answers sometimes) but
here's the meta-question:

 - The Windows Registry was the Great Leap Forward that was supposed to
replace the multitude of .ini files kept by each application.

 - Desktop.ini, around since at least Windows 2000, has actually increased
its range in the versions since then.

 - The Windows\winsxs folder still has over 240 .ini configuration files
created by Microsoft for Windows 7.

Given all that, why is the company that follows its own standards as poorly
as they follow industry standards still in business?

MS Windows: The great crippler of young computers.

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