[SATLUG] satlug.org domain expires in two months

Don Wright wmail at dslextreme.com
Tue Sep 19 13:20:09 CDT 2017

Bruce Dubbs wrote:
>I just got a notice that the domain name satlug.org expires in two months. 
>  The renewal fee is $20/year and quite frankly I do not want to pay it.

As the mailing list is pretty much all that's left of SATLUG, and traffic
has been extremely limited lately, I would agree to allowing it to lapse and
be claimed by a domain squatter just as XCSSA.org was. (You'll currently
need to read Japanese to learn more.)

I hate to lose the remainder of the community many of us worked to build,
but entropy happens. It was good to have the notice for Glenn Boswell's
passing. I just don't see that as enough reason to keep the infrastructure

Someone needs to let Rackspace know they can empty the bit-bucket, probably
before it happens so they can use any SATLUG.org contact addresses if
needed.  --Don

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