[SATLUG] Buying Office Printer?

Joe null.div.zero at gmail.com
Fri Jan 5 09:57:26 CST 2018

Hi all,
    We're switching from leased printer to owned.  But, I've never had to
do that.  We've always leased.  I need a relatively fast color printer,
with fax, scan, and copy, that can support Ledger size 11x17.  Looking at
Staples etc, I'm not seeing the kind of printer the office staff is
accustomed to.  Aside from not being able to find one that scans duplex
11x17, if I bring in one of these retail printers from Staples, I'm pretty
sure the fur will start flying.  So, my question is, where can find real
office grade printers in San Antonio?  I hope this isn't too far outside
the Linux realm.   But, I need help, and wasn't sure who else to ask.

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