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Trident Data Systems
TRIDENT DATA SYSTEMS: Trident Data Systems is currently our primary corporate sponsor. Trident is currently providing SATLUG with financial support. Please take the time to visit the Trident Web site and learn more about its information protection capabilities.

Named one of the nation's "Top Five" information protection services firms, Trident Data Systems offers a wide variety of comprehensive network security services to the U.S. Government, intelligence communities and commercial organizations. Trident's extensive knowledge honed in the government sector has given Trident the ability to provide our commercial customers with the most comprehensive suite of secure technology solutions available. Headquartered in Los Angeles, California with major offices in the Metropolitan Washington, D.C. area, Texas, Colorado, and Florida, Trident offers a complete range of professional consulting and support services allowing organizations to communicate and compute securely. Since its origin 1975, the employee-owned company has earned an international reputation for expertise in designing and implementing network security measures and technologies, firewall implementation and training, risk management, security policy development, and systems security integration. Trident's unique position in the information protection market results from its ability to provide a three-tiered approach, which includes its world-class security consulting services, its role as one of the nations largest value added resellers according to VARBusiness, and its nationally-accredited network security courses.

Trident Data Systems experienced its 23rd consecutive year of sales growth in 1998. It was a record year for earnings, as sales revenues exceeded $91 million. Continued growth is expected in 1999, as Trident continues to develop its traditional U.S. Government business base, while also experiencing rapid growth in the commercial information protection markets.

RACKSPACE.COM: is the pioneer in outsourced webservers. Rackspace's A++ data facilities, multi-homed network, and customer service has earned them the reputation as the premiere provider of dedicated solutions to customers around the world. is currently sponsoring SATLUG by hosting the SATLUG computer at their facilities in San Antonio. Please visit their web site and take a look a the great services that they offer!

ROBOT: ROBOT is a Graphic Design studio supplying print design, illustration, copywriting, animation, web design, and printing assistance. They are currently seeking clients who are ready to take thier marketing from adequate to outstanding. Those interested in measureable results are encouraged to contact ROBOT by e-mail or call 614-6135 for a free consultation.
ROBOT is currently supplying SATLUG with business cards, graphics assistance and printing services for displays and signs. Please contact ROBOT for any upcoming business graphics needs. We certainly appreciate their great work for SATLUG!

America's Internet Direct
AMERICA'S INTERNET DIRECT: America's Internet Direct has been in San Antonio for many years. In the past, it has been a reseller for dial-up and domain hosting to other ISPs. It is now opening its doors to the public with special pricing for SATLUG members. Their network supports the new V90 standard as well as 56K flex. They also have ISDN and T1/fractional T1 service available. They run nothing but LINUX on their servers and have done so for the last 3 years. They are also sponsors of the Linux community. Visit their website and find out about the details of their offer to SATLUG members.

Special Thanks
INTX.NET:SATLUG would like to offer a special thanks to INTX.NET for hosting during SATLUG's first year of existence.

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