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Regular meetings have been suspended. Occasional meetings still occur, but are announced on the SATLUG mailing list as they are planned.

Recent presentations:

The new sign logo for SATLUG is now here. See the link on the left for other formats.

Linux Hams: Fldigi, written by David Freese, W1HKJ, is capable of operating CW, several versions of PSK and other digital modes. Fldigi is written for the Linux operating system and is available on his website There is a “Live CD” with Fldigi on it so that individuals running a Microsoft operating system can boot off of the Live CD and try Fldigi. Fldigi has been featured in QST magazine.

WiKi: We now have a wiki available. Create your own web design. Share tips and hints on Linux topics. Update info started by others. Visit the Wiki to get started or just look around.

InstallFest: Each semester, SATLUG, holds an Linux Install Fest in the early weeks of classes primarily for the benefit of students but open to the public.

Speaking of SAC…

San Antonio College Department of Computer Information Systems: Classes are offered in Programming, Scripting, Administration, Networking, Security, Databases, Cisco and that other OS. In what skill areas are you interesting in making personal advancement refreshment or improvements? Tuition is free for those over 65 and only $300 for 2 classes per semester for the rest of us. And you can’t beat the $21 parking pass! The next Computer Blast is scheduled for Saturday, July 10th. It will be at the Live Oak Civic Center – 9AM till 5PM. SATLUG has a booth at the Blast to promote our favorite (and soon to be updated) Open Source software.

We are also open to installs at the Computer Blast show WITH PRIOR ARRANGEMENT. Please do not just bring your computer to the Show expecting an install without first arranging for someone from the SATLUG mailing list to meet you there and/or to confirm that SATLUG will have adequately qualified personnel and distribution media there to help you with the install. However, if you have a Linux problem on a laptop or portable PC that you can bring in, that is OK.

Oh, and now a valuable hint. If you click the link on the Computer Blast website, you can print out a $1.00 off entry coupon. See ya all there…

XCSSA Meeting: Exotic Computer Systems of San Antonio holds their monthly meetings on the 3rd Monday of each month. They also meet at SAC’s Nail Technical Center in room 122.