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(1) What is SATLUG?

A. SATLUG stands for San Antonio Linux Users Group. We are a group of Linux enthusiasts that want to promote the understanding and use of Linux. If you would like to contact someone in person and find out more, contact one of the SATLUG Officers.

(2) How much does it cost? Do I have to come to the meetings? etc…

A. Membership is free! You can lurk on the mailing list and never come to a meeting, or you can post often and go to each and every meeting. You decide. There is no rule or regulation related to this. When the group needs money for something, we pass the hat and it has always worked.

(3) What types of things does SATLUG do?

A. We maintain a mailing list, and an internet server (running Linux of course!). Our server is at
SATLUG occasionally hosts events such as Linux Installfests. At an installfest, members of SATLUG can help those interested get Linux installed on their computers or help fix any problems they might have. SATLUG is usually represented at local computer shows, where you can come out and meet members and ask them more about Linux and SATLUG. Check out the SATLUG Events page to find out what is on the calendar.

(4) How do I subscribe to the SATLUG mailing list?

A. Visit the Mailing List Web Page and follow the instructions there.

(5) What is the content of the SATLUG mailing list? Can I ask questions about Linux?

A. We want the list to be a place to exchange any type of information related to Linux and the use of Linux. Ask any and all questions!! There are no stupid questions and everyone on this list likes to help people use and learn to use Linux. That is why we are here.

(6) How do I post a message to the SATLUG mailing list?

A. After you are subscribed, send your post by email to

(7) When and where does SATLUG meet?

A. SATLUG meets at Rackspace’s main offices in the old Windsor Park Mall. The address is 5000 Walzem Road, about 2 blocks east of I-35 and Walzem. As you are going east on Walzem from I-35, turn right into the mall parking lot. Then continue east until you reach the security post for Rackspace parking. Identify yourself as a SATLUG member wishing to attend the 7PM meeting. We meet monthly on alternating Wednesdays and Thursdays according to the schedule on the main SATLUG page.